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Christmas Lamb Cake

It is the tradition to bake Christmas pastry in many different countries. Predominantly, these ancient recipes became a symbol of this bright holiday. They are heirlooms as they are passed down from generation to generation. There is “Christmas Stollen” in Germany, ginger cookies in England, buns with saffron and cardamon in Sweden, dessert “Panettone” in Italy, 7 different kinds of cookies and almond cake in Norway, “Yule log Cake” in France, “Speculoos” cookies in Belgium. In Russia it is a Christmas cookie “Kozulya” and “Christmas Lamb of God” pastry.

  • Ingredients: butter, wheat flour of the highest quality, sugar, starch, chicken egg, sugar powder, cognac, baking soda, table vinegar, vegetable oil, vanillin, sugar
  • Nutrition facts: protein 5.2 g, fat 9.2 g, total carbohydrate 47.5 g/100 cm3
  • Energy: 285 kcal/100 cm3
  • Storage conditions: any temperature between +13 and +23°С with relative humidity no more than 75%
  • Shelf life: 20 days
  • GOST (Russian State Standard - refers to a set of International Standards. Works since USSR)15810-96
  • Weight: 780 g
  • Barcode: 4627096121872