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About our drinks

The main rule of the production of “Sergiev Kanon” drinks is that we use only natural components. Our technologies do not use any food supplements, colourings, and substitutes for natural ingredients. We also don’t use potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate as preservatives. Instead, we use sugar, honey, and black walnut extract. This approach enables us to create delicious and healthy drinks with natural aromas and flavours that attract both children and adults.

The sourdough starter is made according to the stories of old monks of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. This recipe was passed down verbally from generation to generation, it was kept within the monastery walls. Only monks were allowed to try this exceptionally healthy drink that does not contain any food supplements. During the fasts, this drink was accompanied by brown bread and onion, it was the main source of vitamins. Different carbonated beverages were created and produced according to these traditional recipes, for example, Mint & ginger fireweed (Ivan-tea) carbonated drink”, Posadsky mountain herb sbiten no. 1, Сarbonated honey lemonade, Sibirsky malt carbonated drink and Tavrichesky astringent sugar-free carbonated drink. To make the Sibirsky malt carbonated drink, we use water, sugar, and natural extracts of malt, mint, juniper berries, ginger, cardamon, and black walnut. 

Unlike various cola-based lemonades, Sibirsky malt carbonated drink does not contain any burnt sugar. Instead, we add malt extract to achieve the noble dark color of our drink. As result, we got a dense refreshing drink with a coniferous aftertaste and the aroma of taiga herbs. To make Tavrichesky astringent sugar-free carbonated drink, we use infusions of lemon, orange, tangerine, extracts of natural stevia, bay leaf, coriander, juniper berries, and black walnut. The tart and tonic flavour of this drink is particularly popular among men. Our drink is perfect for quenching thirst and can also be used in cocktails. The complete absence of sugar means that our tonic is completely calorie-free.

“Sergiev Kanon” also produces still drinks. Our Mors is also a very popular drink, there are different kinds such as cranberry and lingonberry, “Lemon Monastery Drink”, and rosehip decoction.

The special feature of Monastery rosehip drink (decoction) which undergoes a long infusion of berries in an autoclave for three days at a temperature of +80°С. This process enables us to extract the maximum amount of vitamin C and other beneficial elements from the raw materials

Cranberry and lingonberry Mors are traditional ancient Russian soft drinks. The first detailed recipe for Mors appeared in the "Domostroi" book. Our fruit drinks are brewed in a special way using Vologda cranberries and lingonberries to preserve the health benefits of these berries.

There are ten different types of drinks in the "Sergiev Kanon" product line. Meanwhile, we continue to work on developing new recipes in our laboratory, such as fruit kvass, new varieties of lemonades, and still drinks. These products are the future perspectives of the “Sergiev Kanon” brand.

The work of our masters was highly recognized by the professional community at the "Russian Drinks – 2015" competition. Our "Сarbonated honey lemonade" was awarded a gold medal, while our "Posadsky mountain herb sbiten no. 1" received a Silver medal, and "Sibirsky malt carbonated drink" won a Bronze medal.