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Quality essentials

1. Right components – without any food substitutes

2. Right technologies, including ancient recipes and methods of production of raw materials

3. The right mindset of those who work in production

“Sergiev Kanon” is not just a trademark or a production brand. In reality, “Sergiev Kanon” is a set of principles of attitudes towards the production of healthy products and household goods, and toward people that use these products and goods. The moral foundation of “Sergiev Kanon” employees are testaments of the founder of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius – St. Sergius of Radonezh.

It is well-known that food made by people who are in a good state of mind has a distinctive flavour. In the ancient monasteries, according to the rules of the monastery, hegumens assigned to cook in the kitchen only those brothers who led a placid life and had good morals to be cooks in the kitchen. During this period, it was understood that positive mental energy drives the work process, which is reflected in the results and ultimately affects those who consume the products.

The successful growth of the project “Sergiev Kanon” proves that it is possible to do two things: create healthy and affordable food products, and use exclusively high-quality natural ingredients. The growth of our project shows that healthy food should not be an item of luxurious life.

We cook according to ancient recipes because we do not intend to change the flavour or appearance of our products with food supplements. We are committed to producing healthy, we don’t use any artificial chemical preservatives to prolong the expiration date, and we don’t use any substitutes for natural ingredients to reduce price or accelerate process.

The principles of “Sergiev Kanon” production: right components without any additives; right technologies including ancient recipes and methods of raw materials production; right mindset of those who work in production. The production of our healthy product “Sergiev Kanon” depends on these three rules. They are also universal as they can and should serve as a foundation for any type of work, not only in the food industry but also in the house construction, production of household items, and provision of services.

“Sergiev Kanon” embodies healthy food and trust that is based on quality and Russian traditions.