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Borodinsky No Yeast Bread

“Borodinsky” bread is no yeast rye bread. It is made according to an old recipe using a sourdough starter. The real baking technology of “Borodinsky” bread does not include usage of any artificial flavours, flavour enhancers, or flavour substitutes. Only natural ingredients!

  • Ingredients: peeled rye flour, wheat flour of the highest quality, water, molasses, sugar, ground coriander, vegetable oil, malt, table salt, sourdough starter
  • Nutritional value: protein 6.48 g, fat 2.95 g, carbohydrates 55.62 g/100 cm3
  • Energy: 262 calories/100 cm3
  • Storage conditions: any temperature between +6 and +25°С with relative humidity no more than 75%
  • Shelf life: 120 hours
  • Technical standards9110-003-70475348-13
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Barcode: 467002851006