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The monastery’s Sergiev Kanon manufacturing facility of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius revives the Russian traditions and old recipes. Another unique Sergiev Kanon product is Posadsky Sbiten.

The word ‘sbiten’ was derived from the verb ‘sbit’ which means ‘to put together’. The original Russian recipe for Posadsky Sbiten we use includes only natural ingredients. All products meet quality control standards.


To make ‘sbiten’, we first prepare infusions of spicy herbs, citrus fruits and rose petals. The necessary ingredients are ground up, mixed together and infused for at least two weeks.


The most important step is to make the honey syrup. It is vital to keep the temperature at all stages to preserve the health benefits of honey. Natural infusions of herbs, roses, or citrus fruits are added to the chilled syrup for making different types of sbiten.


Before bottling, process engineers carefully check the quality of the ready-made syrup by conducting the necessary laboratory tests. Finally, sbiten is heated to 70°C and poured into branded bottles.

Sbiten is a delicious and healthy drink. The Posadsky Sbiten is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and different amino acids.

Warm sbiten gives a toasty feeling and has an anti-inflammatory effect, and when cooled it invigorates you. It boosts your immune system and has a positive effect on your digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems.


You can add the Sergiev Kanon Posadsky Sbiten to coffee, tea, cocktails, ice cream or hot water to make a flavorful drink.