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Krasnogorskie Torgovye Ryady

Krasnogorskie Torgovye Ryady, a three-story tent-shaped red brick building built in 1902-1903 by architect Aleksander Latkov, is located between Krasnogorskaya Square and Krasnoy Armii Avenue. It houses the Pilgrimage Center, where guests can book tours, a post office, a café, a canteen for numerous foreign tourist groups and Monastyrskaya Produktovaya Lavka, a grocery store located in the left wing of the building.

The store sells a large number of products manufactured at the Sergiev Kanon facility, including

several varieties of no yeast bread: from the simplest rye and wheat Sergievsky bread to buckwheat bread and festive Kelarsky bread with prunes, pumpkin seeds and nuts. 

Here you can also find refrigerators with all kinds of Sergiev Kanon soft drinks:  Monastery no yeast kvass, several kinds of morses, including a unique rosehip kvass, which is simmered at 80°C for three days, thus preserving all the health benefits. It also offers natural dye- and preservative-free carbonated drinks: mint and ginger fireweed drink, sbiten, honey lemonade, Sibirsky malt drink with Taiga herbs and Tavrichesky astringent sugar-free slightly sweetened drink with stevia growing in Crimea. 

Two new natural drinks are set to launch soon: the much-loved Tarhun drink made of natural tarragon leaves and mysterious lemonade, which has been a distant memory of our grandparents.

The store has a wide range of the Lavra bakery products: the famous kovrizhkas, cakes, pies, pastries and many pickled products such as sauerkraut, soused apples, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. 

The monastery’s grocery store always offers a diverse selection of Lavra varenyky and pelmeni  which are filled with potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, herbs, quark, cherries, smoked fish: muksun, perch, trout, pikeperch, bream, mackerel and monastery style fried capelin and barrel-salted herring.

Krasnogorskie Ryady
Address: Krasnogorskaya Square, Sergiev Posad, opening hours: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., no dinner hour, seven days a week