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The “Sergiev Kanon” assortment offers almost 60 items of pastry. These are various buns with poppy seeds or berry filling, “Vatrushka” (cheesecake pastry), “Zavitushka” (curly-shaped pastry), pastry rolls and gingerbread, basket and puff pastry, fancy bread, and rum baba. There is a great variety of traditional Russian pies with different fillings: cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes, eggs, greens, redfish, rice, apples, berries, and jam. More than that, these pastry wonders are very affordable – as people say, for every taste and wallet.

A significant portion of our output is devoted to Lenten products. Our new technologies enable us to create a variety of treats for those who fast, and to adapt ancient recipes to the new technologies to create new products. Our “Lenten” cake is an example. Our secret – we don’t use any sunflower oil to make this delicious cream.

The technology is unique and a novelty for Lavra pastry bakers. We produce a Monastery Lenten gingerbread, based on a traditional Lavrovsky’s recipe adapted to modern technologies. The filling for this gingerbread can either be jam or condensed milk. Our traditional cakes, including the “Skazka” and “Praga”, are still in high demand. We recently introduced two new products: the “Vazlavsky cake” and “Berlin cookies”, which have received positive reviews from our customers.

Most of our bakery products are made according to GOST (Russian State Standard – refers to a set of International Standards) recipes, which can be traced back to pre-revolutionary developments of domestic bakers. One of the most famous treats among our buyers is a honey-cake “Kovrizhka” which comes in three types: honey-cake “Kovrizhka”, “Kovrizhka” with raisins and dried apricot you can buy in the stores, however, and “Kovrizhka” with prunes is only available at the Bread shop “Hlebnaya Lavka” which is recently has been opened next to the bakery.

Pastry products of “Sergiev Kanon” have received numerous prestigious awards. In 2016, at the traditional International Pastry Quality Show “Innovations and Traditions” the “Skazka”, tart “Korzinochka” with creamer and tart “Korzinochka” with cottage cheese were awarded a Gold medal and a first-degree Diploma. The honey-cake “Kovrizhka”, “Kovrizhka” with raisins and dried apricot, as well as the “Monastyrsky” ginger bread received a Silver medal and the second-degree Diploma. The “Shkolnyi” and “Kartoshka” pastries were awarded a Bronze medal and the third-degree Diploma.

The management of the pastry shop plans to increase production volume, expand the range of products, and automate the packaging process as much as possible.